Cable Vs DSL: Which Is the Better Choice?

If you are planning to upgrade your current internet connection or just change providers, you are likely to be hooked between cable internet and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).

Which is the better choice out of these two? If you don’t how they differ from each other, making a choice is certainly going to be difficult. Here’s a brief comparison between the two.

Common Features

DSL and cable internet are similar in few aspects:

  • Both are quick when compared to dialup with internet of high speed
  • Can view videos and movies or listen to music
  • Can tap into the present phone or television connections
  • Both function and Windows as well as Macintosh computers
  • Can chat with the help of VoIP services
  • A majority of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) provide both these services

The similarities end here and this is where the real comparison begins.

Cable vs. DSL Internet

If you are wondering which of these you should be selecting, you have to understand that several factors like speed, reliability, security, price and ease of installation play a vital role in making the decision. Find out how to compare these aspects in the following sections.


Speed is a comparative factor with respect to internet service. Speaking theoretically, cable internet is supposed to have good overall speed as the rates of transmission are ten times greater when compared to DSL. However, in reality, consumers are more likely to experience slow speeds during times of high traffic.

On the contrary, the speed of internet with DSL is significantly lower than that of cable internet as the connection is given from the phone company directly. In this case, the deciding factor for speed is the distance between your home and the center of the provider. The advantage here is consistency in speed. Once the connection is established, there’s not significant change in speed as the internet connection if dedicated to your house. Thus, DSL has the upper hand with respect to reliability.

To sum up, cable internet speed is adequate for general internet usage, but DSL would be better for advanced usage where consistency is important.


Availability is one of the main aspects in the decision making process. If your locality doesn’t have access to any of these, there’s no point in using an internet service. With respect to availability factor, cable internet has a winning edge over DSL as the latter is confined only to few kilometers from its source.


In terms of security, DSL is a better choice when compared to cable internet. Consumers would be on a shared network with the other subscribers in cable internet, which may lead to security problems if proper security measures are not made by your ISP. DSL is a safer choice and security can further be improved by purchasing additional hardware or software since only the basic measures would be provided by the service provider.


For many of us, price is undoubtedly the main deciding factor. The price here depends on many variable factors like the place of your residence, your ISP and the supply and demand in your neighborhood. Assess your needs and research various plans in both networks to decide the best option.

So, compare both the options available with respect to all these factors before making a decision based on your requirements.

Five Gadgets You Must Own for a Modern Home

Whether you are planning to upgrade your old home or buy a new one to suit the requirements on today’s contemporary technology-oriented world, you need to own some of the cutting edge, present day technology devices to make your home future-ready.
Listed below are the top five gadgets that you must own to give a modern outlook to your home, while also making it a much safer place for your family to live in.

Leap Motion System

This little USB edition for Mac and Windows PCs is a little over the limits of where machine-man interfaces may be going. You just need to plug it in to do tasks like reading books by just waving hands or playing diversions. The device is also capable of recognizing your palm edges and how many fingers are sticking out. This tiny device is also being integrated with laptops, starting with HP Envy 17 Leap Motion.

Irobot’s Roomba

Roomba, the innovative robot vacuum cleaner from Irobot, created a buzz in the market a few years ago. Presently, they have advanced to include vacuuming as well as brushing endlessly, bringing about a surprisingly enhanced cleaning work. At just 3.5-inches height, the Scooba is a smaller variant of Roomba, but still with an improved focusing on iadapt Responsive Cleaning Technology framework to explore a place effortlessly.

 Microsoft Xbox One

Though Xbox One gaming station from Microsoft is considered merely as a source of amusement, it goes a long way ahead of just fun playing. With inbuilt feature calls via Skype, integration with Windows 8 interface and satellite television boxes, it really is a personal computer in the front room. What makes this play station even more interesting is the integration of the new Kinect sensor that distinguishes confronts, understands talked charges and also gauges your heart rate. Some of the parts of Xbox One are still not so pleasant around the corners, but still it’s set to go a long way. Microsoft Xbox One is available for the best prices on online shopping from websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Home Security System

 Vivint Home Automation recently developed a home security device, which lets you to control the security of your home from any place. This all-in-one system can enable you to lock up and open the entryway of your home from your phone. If your kids forget the house keys at their school and reach home, you can let them inside by using your phone or any other gadget powered by web. A feature observation framework assists you learn accurately what’s happening within your home. It also lets you gain control over your house even when you are away.

INSTEON Light Control Kit

Light dimmers as well as the ability to switch them off or on have reliably been a manual work or even something that required a stationary gadget and broad wiring. The new INSTEON Light Control Kit features an app, which functions with your PDA for screening the lights remotely. Similarly, you can use the app for screening the framework of the lighting from a machine.

With these gadgets, your guests are sure to envy your modernized home packed with all the latest tech gadgets. Avail attractive discounts on such gadgets by using coupon codes from Couponhaat.

Top Ten Cheat Sheets for UX/UI Design

It’s not easy for everyone to remember every single detail and do things without any help – even if it’s the UX/UI professionals. Irrespective of your level of expertise, you might end up looking for information about the basics that you might sometimes tend to forget. Searching for such things might seem to be a waste of time, which is why we have compiled a list of few great UX/UI design cheat sheets to assist you all through the day. Read on to find out what they are.

Cheat Sheet for iOS 7 Design

With the launch of iOS7, there came along several interface modifications and the designers have to change their visual language such that it suits the new flat design of the interface. Apple has upgraded the iconography, typography, dimension, and grid systems. An updated cheat sheet is also available for designers and developers and it covers all the details that one has to know for iOS 7, which includes resolutions and display details across all devices, dimensions of app icons, details on user interface changes, and a selection of few more resources that can be useful for the designer while developing an app.

This can help in saving the efforts and time so that one need not go around searching for the minor details. With this, one need not compile his own list. Moreover, it’s a very extensive and well-organized sheet with respect to the topic.

Cheat Sheet for Android Design

The cheat sheet for Android design is a wonderful infographic developed by a mobile designer Meghen Dever from Double Encore, Inc. The Android design guide offers these details, though it’s easier to read it in this unique compilation. This was devised for use internally in the company, though they later decided that it would be a great way to save time and so shared it with the entire community.

This includes:

·      Android text fields, spinners, seek bars, switches, pickers, and usage cases

·         Nine patch assets with the inclusion of layout abilities of optical bounds

·         Suitable padding for UI components

·         Sizes of Android devices and their related component sizes

·         Conversions from Dp to Px

·         Specifics for contextual, action bar and launcher

Color Infographic Psychology

sheets for ux/ui design

There are many charts covering color psychology, though this one is more extensive as it doesn’t just cover the basics but also provides the description for fifty different colours. It not just discusses about the positive ideas and emotions, but also about the negative ones associated with various colours.

Cheat Sheet for HTML5

If you are learning HTML5, this is a good reference sheet for you. This extensive list provides significant amount of useful details apart from the tags. It also gives additional details about where the tags are useful and the support provided by different browsers. It includes:

·         New HTML5 tags

·         Current HTML4 tags, which are even now offered for HTML 5

·         A chart for browser readiness

·         Attributes

·         Obsolete, old HTML5 tags

Cheat Sheet for Ninja UX

This great cheat sheet devised by Hilary Little for CodeFest keynote is meant for the UX process’ research stage. These are some of the best practices to remember while testing users. This can help the professionals get back to the basics and is also great for beginners who need good tips and advice.

Web Form Design Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet by Smashing Magazine is a descriptive one for devising great forms. The designers who made this crib sheet are experts with respect to designing forms and testing them. They have found few of the very common problems and explained how to fix them in this cheat sheet. It includes an Omnigraffle template and PDF and Photoshop (PSD) instances for users to download. It gives great tips, few layout instances and do’s and don’ts that can be used.

Cheat Sheet for jQuery

This is a perfect organized jQuery elements list that can be used as a reference when designers forget something. A web developer and designer named Oscar Otero devised this cheat sheet. It includes selectors, manipulation, CSS/attributes, events, traversing, core, Ajax, and effects. This specific cheat sheet also integrated an excellent search feature. You can choose the jQuery version you are searching for and look for particular choices. This is an awesome and handy tool for easy and quick reference.

UX Terminology

UX designers generally interact with various people in a company and not all of them are aware of the lingo. If you don’t want to continuously explain things to yourself, this sheet by Bride Trozelli is the right choice for you to be handed out to your co-workers so that they can understand what you are discussing about. It comes with UX roles, UX practice, user interface phrases, UX activities, and UX deliverables.

Cheat Sheet for jQuery icons

This quick jQuery icons list is handy for those who find it difficult to memorize all of them. It’s also a good tool for beginners. Made by Foundeo Inc.’s Pete Freitag, this is one of the best cheat sheets for designers.

Cheat Sheets for WordPress’s Mike Wallagher shared this cheat sheet, which is useful for beginners as well as advanced users as there are two editions.

Do you know of any other design cheat sheet? Share your views in the comments section below.

Top Five SEO Landing Page Tips

When landing pages are considered, most strategists think that pay-per-click would let them to drive in targeted traffic. You should choose those keywords that intent to connect. Here are few ways in which you can ensure killer SEO campaigns and landing pages.


The content that you’ve written should keep the audience engaged and the very first thing that viewer locates is content headlines, structure, graphics, and bolded elements. Users may spend five seconds in reviewing the site and hence you need to create primary headlines aligned with intent. There should be clear communication and headlines should tell what the page is all about. The headline should be short and it should be capable enough to inspire the viewer’s attention. Users will make quick decision looking at the format of page and content and they will continue reading the post, if they find it to match their expectation. It is recommended to explain things with pictures, which immediately screams ‘authority’.


As said above, viewers really do not read the whole thing on a first pass, but they make decision as per their expectations and visual cues. You should never miss a chance to provide engagement, brand recognition, and value. Check out whether or not your brand is obvious and does it have enough reason that make users stick around. Give the right information that makes viewers click around and stick around to engage further.


The key engagement choices include action button, add to cart, search for modification or intent refinement, and link of similar products that other users have brought. For example, if you’re holding a real estate or home depot, then ‘add to cart’ button should be positioned in obvious location, so that it would be identified by the users clearly.  You can install many other user-centric options to engage, such as checking inventory, writing reviews, and zoom out/in button.  If you keep related products, search functionality, and other obvious options, it would help in modifying the search query of the user rather than prompting them to click back to SERPs.  Other on-page engagement signals are side navigation, size/color selection, breadcrumbs, and filters.


By tracking the user interaction and communication on a per-search basis, you can identify the deficiencies or consistencies in matches of search intention to website page or post. You can secure the brand names through user interaction and depth of content. By providing link or click here option, you can ensure better potential ranks and user experience. It is better to include social connection and social sharing buttons, to give your landing page more value.


Make use of Google analytic and web analytic tool to measure your traffic; determine the bounce rate and exit rate of a particular landing page. Monitor the performance through search query keywords, and understand conversion trends and traffic to locate the key landing pages for each query topic. Make use of organic traffic KW query report, and custom segments to track the performance of optimized page.

Four Easy Social SEO Tips for Small Businesses

It doesn’t matter if you’re very new to business; you can still enhance or improve your chance of getting ranked, if you approach with the right SEO tactics. With the right action, you can get your site ranked in the top page, when users are searching for phrases or keywords, which is relevant to your website. There are many ways to enrich ranking and here you can see social SEO, which refers to the interaction play and social media network links to optimize the site, so as to achieve higher rankings. These are very simple tips, which you can implement at any time.

Optimizing the Social Media Profile

Your social media profile should be as descriptive as possible; do not forget to include ‘information’ or ‘about’ sections in your social sites. Make use of phrases or keywords to describe your brand, business, and product. If you’re handling Facebook for local users or clients, it is best to include your office or residence address. Do not forget to provide links from your business’ site to your social channels. The category field is often ignored on Facebook fanpage creations, but is quite essential for mobile users. Ensure that your business is listed in the right category.

Updating the Content

When it comes to optimizing content, you need to give relevant keywords and contents; you should ensure that your social website is getting frequent updates, in terms of content or news. You should be sharing the post from your blog or website, in order to give SEO the boost. Tweeting new content or updated news is suggested, as it helps Google to index your page faster. You can give your brand name in your social posts, so that the search engine can associate with the keyword used in describing the post.

Building Links

One of the main reasons that make your site to get ranked is quality links; if your site or blog is linked to a site with good page-rank and quality content, it would be a plus point for you. When quality websites are linked to your blog and vice versa, the more authoritative your site will be. A good authority site means higher SERP rank. If you’ve quality content, you would be automatically redirected to quality links that better your ranking. Use Pinterest to enhance your keyword and link building strategy. You can take some guidelines from that offer great variety of facilities, including SEO methodologies, and marketing strategies that suit the best for profit in business.

Create Google+ Local Listing

Create a Google+ business page and add all about and profile section, using the right keyword or phrase, describing your business. Google lets the page admin to add customized links within their profile, which you can use to link back to your blog, website, or any other social channel. You can as well create local page (which is quite different from business page), if you want to target local audience, who can connect with your brand’s physical location.

These tips would help you in improving your SERP ranking and sales.

The Importance of Right Typography Font for Logo Designing

Typography font is really useful when it comes to designing. It is used in almost every design project that people do. You can easily see it on the websites, posters, business cards, billboards, CD covers and many more things. Ones design can definitely not be complete without this aspect. Definitely, a logo also makes good use of the typography font. But is it extremely important to choose the right font? Or can one just look on how good it can appear? Is it the visual impact that matters? Or are there some other aspects which one needs to look into?

Designing a logo is certainly a challenge for designers on how it can confidently stand on its own in spite of all the other brands around it. Part of that challenge is how one will be able to choose the correct typography font for logo design. Using the right one is very necessary. Here are some of the reasons on why you need to use the right typography font for the logo designing.

For a good branding: Above everything else, the branding has to be the number one priority as it is the purpose of having a logo. By using the right font will make your branding much more effective. The logo will even be more recognizable and will serve its purpose really well.

It sends the right message: It is always critical that a logo can convey the right message to those having a look at it. No one would prefer to give a wrong impression as it would boomerang to the entire company. Therefore, it is important to use the right typography font for creating a logo, so that it can tell convey the users what it intends to tell them. It would not be good to be misinterpreted to be something else when it comes to branding.

It gives a major impact: You can also give a big impact with the right type, to all those who are viewing it. Apart from the visual impact, the logo becomes much more effective in the industry. Therefore, it creates a nice impact to the target audience for they can easily relate to the type that is being used. It is good to have a nice impact to the target audience because it is the time you will begin building trust to your brand.

It increases the appeal: The appeal will always be included in the top reasons. No one would prefer having a logo that does not look appealing. Therefore, create one not just with the right typography font but also with a great design. A good design can make the brand much more effective and successful for people prefer to go with those that looks pleasing than those that are badly done.

Uniqueness: Each and every logo design is unique, if it is not, then it won’t be able to give you a good branding. Some may mistake you as another business as it is similar to theirs. Using the right type will help you to make the logo very unique and also different. There are a lot of brands, sites and businesses across the globe. It is only through the logo design and nice branding where you can set a good name and reputation from the rest.

It is an attention grabber: A logo must get the attention of the target audience in order to drive them into what the business or website is offering. It has to create and impression in their minds so that they can easily decide that it belongs to you. One way of making it a crowd puller is by making use of a font type which is right for your company. Using the wrong one will only give a wrong impression. It can still get the attention of the audience but not for the right reason.

It shows the Industry you are from: There are a lot of industries that one company may belong. Your logo will convey the audience on what industry you are from just by the use of your type. It would be much different if the logo is for a design or arts company and for that of a sports company. Make sure that you know when to use the right designs, decorative fonts or cursive fonts. Let your type convey the audience what the company or site is.

It will get across the targeted audience: People who look into the website and the clients of your business will more easily be reached when your branding is great. Part of having a good branding is having a nice logo design with the right typography font. As you will be able to convey the right message well and also manage to make it look appealing, without a doubt, you will get the audience you want.

It brings in the trust: This is extremely important. No matter how nice your logo is and how suitable the type you have used, it will still be useless if you cannot get the trust of your audience. Winning the trust begins on your branding, this means that it includes your logo design. Design your logo well and it will help you reach your goals.

These are some of the reasons on why it is important to have right typography font for logo designing.

The Non-Designer’s Guide to Hiring a Great Freelance Web Designer

Searching for a top-notch web designer to build your next website, but clueless about the difference between CSS and CSI? You may be uneducated as well about other criteria for good web design.

That’s the point of the following guidelines. By covering some common design and front-end development considerations, these five topics may help you you grasp the important things to keep in mind as you begin your search for the right freelance designer.

  • Communication

This one doesn’t need much explaining. Having a good line of communication is important in every area of your business, especially when it comes to nailing down a UX design that meets your business goals effectively.

  • Languages

Speaking of languages, let’s talk about coding languages. A lot of the time, it can seem like web designers are speaking an entirely different language than you — and this is actually true for many designers who also have a little front-end coding experience.

  • Web design

The best place to start looking for what you want in your website is — surprise — the internet. As you are browsing, take note of other sites you like, so that you can show them to your designer.

  • Function

Always consider user experience when you’re working with your designer to build your site. Is it easy to navigate between all the pages on the site? Is the site’s setup intuitive? Is it easy to find your contact information? Can users browse without having to scroll too much? Side note: You never want them to have to scroll horizontally.

  • Pricing

Unfortunately, there is no standard price for how much contracting out your website will cost you. Plenty of software price estimationapproaches exist, but a wide range of things affect price, including the skill set of the designer, his or her location, the amount of time your project will take and the specific features you require.

Determine how much you have to set aside for the development of your site, and be realistic about your goals. Get in touch with a variety of different designers to explain your project and get an average quote. If you find that designers are too expensive for your price range, turn to freelancing sites. You can find lots of articles online that list the best freelancing sites, so explore these options and find the best one that fits your budget.

Courses You Can Do to Grab a Job in 3D Animation and 3D Modeling

Animation is the process of generating number of pictures through a process for creating movement. It is the art of optical illusion where one can see drawings in moving position at the rate of 24 pictures per second.

3D animation or three-dimensional animation is a type of animation used to generate images to create animated scenes with the help of computer. Graphics done with 3D animation looks more realistic than 2D. Model jobs vacancies are booming in the market, so grab these opportunities without any delay.

Animation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. If you are a person who loves to see the world in a different way and at the same time want an exciting career then you should go ahead with 3D Animation and 3D Modeling courses as soon as possible.

Here is the list of courses that one should focus on:

AD3DEDGE Plus – Advanced Program in 3D Animation

This particular course covers the entire syllabus of this program right from pre-production to post production stages. Along with that, storyboarding, stop-motion, 3D design and modelling will be covered.

If you are a beginner who is looking for a break in this field, then this is the starting point. Aspiring animators will be taught about the latest technologies (Adobe Audition, Maya, Fusion, Mudbox).

In short, this course will make you job ready.

D3D – Professional Program in 3D Animation and 3D Modeling

You might be wondering how actually animation films are made. Things like snowflakes, lighting, rain, backgrounds, how it suddenly starts raining during a song or how a hero jumps from a multi-storeyed building always generate a new doubt in your mind. All these are the power of animation.

It normally takes 3 to 5 years to master it and put it in a film. If you want to grab a job in this field, then without wasting time, you can be a part of D3D – Professional Program in 3D Animation and 3D Modeling course.

DAFM – Program in Animation Filmmaking

If you don’t have much time to spend on studies, then DAFM – Program in Animation Filmmaking is a better option. This a one year program where the main focus will be on pre-production and digital film making.

There is a huge demand for model jobs vacancies across the country. So, look for every detail regarding it and grab the opportunity.

How Web Design is Changing

Change is the only constant in this entire universe. Even the world of web is not exempted from this cycle of change. If we take a look at the websites and the design of these websites, there has been always a change and all our latest developments are a result of this change. Look at the evolution of websites and you will realize how far the technology has gone in offering us the best of solutions.

The once static websites have evolved into dynamic ones and there is no waiting required for response and communication to take place. You have all your solutions at your fingertips. A number of online businesses, their websites and out-of-the-box ideas to impress customers are competing hard to make things easier for us. Carousels, hamburger menus, single page websites and the lists go on; everything is paving the way to develop a great business-customer experience.

When you have a customer-focused business, there is no looking back. How can we determine a business is customer-centered or not?

It depends on how well you treat your customers. Very simple, isn’t it? But, when it comes to the world of web, there are certain things that you must be taking into account before you work on creating an adorable user experience.

Your website and the flow that it takes your customers through matters a lot when it comes to ensuring and offering a great customer experience over the web. The user experience is something that determines whether they will come back or not.

We are all striving to offer the best of experiences over the web. We have everything that makes it easier starting from responsive websites to omni-marketing channels. But, then, even this needs to change or let us say, all this will be soon replaced with real time experience.