Top Ten Cheat Sheets for UX/UI Design

It’s not easy for everyone to remember every single detail and do things without any help – even if it’s the UX/UI professionals. Irrespective of your level of expertise, you might end up looking for information about the basics that you might sometimes tend to forget. Searching for such things might seem to be a waste of time, which is why we have compiled a list of few great UX/UI design cheat sheets to assist you all through the day. Read on to find out what they are.

Cheat Sheet for iOS 7 Design

With the launch of iOS7, there came along several interface modifications and the designers have to change their visual language such that it suits the new flat design of the interface. Apple has upgraded the iconography, typography, dimension, and grid systems. An updated cheat sheet is also available for designers and developers and it covers all the details that one has to know for iOS 7, which includes resolutions and display details across all devices, dimensions of app icons, details on user interface changes, and a selection of few more resources that can be useful for the designer while developing an app.

This can help in saving the efforts and time so that one need not go around searching for the minor details. With this, one need not compile his own list. Moreover, it’s a very extensive and well-organized sheet with respect to the topic.

Cheat Sheet for Android Design

The cheat sheet for Android design is a wonderful infographic developed by a mobile designer Meghen Dever from Double Encore, Inc. The Android design guide offers these details, though it’s easier to read it in this unique compilation. This was devised for use internally in the company, though they later decided that it would be a great way to save time and so shared it with the entire community.

This includes:

·      Android text fields, spinners, seek bars, switches, pickers, and usage cases

·         Nine patch assets with the inclusion of layout abilities of optical bounds

·         Suitable padding for UI components

·         Sizes of Android devices and their related component sizes

·         Conversions from Dp to Px

·         Specifics for contextual, action bar and launcher

Color Infographic Psychology

sheets for ux/ui design

There are many charts covering color psychology, though this one is more extensive as it doesn’t just cover the basics but also provides the description for fifty different colours. It not just discusses about the positive ideas and emotions, but also about the negative ones associated with various colours.

Cheat Sheet for HTML5

If you are learning HTML5, this is a good reference sheet for you. This extensive list provides significant amount of useful details apart from the tags. It also gives additional details about where the tags are useful and the support provided by different browsers. It includes:

·         New HTML5 tags

·         Current HTML4 tags, which are even now offered for HTML 5

·         A chart for browser readiness

·         Attributes

·         Obsolete, old HTML5 tags

Cheat Sheet for Ninja UX

This great cheat sheet devised by Hilary Little for CodeFest keynote is meant for the UX process’ research stage. These are some of the best practices to remember while testing users. This can help the professionals get back to the basics and is also great for beginners who need good tips and advice.

Web Form Design Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet by Smashing Magazine is a descriptive one for devising great forms. The designers who made this crib sheet are experts with respect to designing forms and testing them. They have found few of the very common problems and explained how to fix them in this cheat sheet. It includes an Omnigraffle template and PDF and Photoshop (PSD) instances for users to download. It gives great tips, few layout instances and do’s and don’ts that can be used.

Cheat Sheet for jQuery

This is a perfect organized jQuery elements list that can be used as a reference when designers forget something. A web developer and designer named Oscar Otero devised this cheat sheet. It includes selectors, manipulation, CSS/attributes, events, traversing, core, Ajax, and effects. This specific cheat sheet also integrated an excellent search feature. You can choose the jQuery version you are searching for and look for particular choices. This is an awesome and handy tool for easy and quick reference.

UX Terminology

UX designers generally interact with various people in a company and not all of them are aware of the lingo. If you don’t want to continuously explain things to yourself, this sheet by Bride Trozelli is the right choice for you to be handed out to your co-workers so that they can understand what you are discussing about. It comes with UX roles, UX practice, user interface phrases, UX activities, and UX deliverables.

Cheat Sheet for jQuery icons

This quick jQuery icons list is handy for those who find it difficult to memorize all of them. It’s also a good tool for beginners. Made by Foundeo Inc.’s Pete Freitag, this is one of the best cheat sheets for designers.

Cheat Sheets for WordPress’s Mike Wallagher shared this cheat sheet, which is useful for beginners as well as advanced users as there are two editions.

Do you know of any other design cheat sheet? Share your views in the comments section below.